What Is SEO / Search Engine optimization 2021

What Is SEO? Hello and welcome to My Website Asifpardesi.com in this session. we’ll discuss search engine optimization(SEO) and overview of search engine optimization

what search engine?

Optimization SEO is all about and why. what is SEO let’s get started with it

What Is SEO?

What is SEO and how can it grow my business?

SEO in simple terms is the process of implementing certain techniques on a website to improve its visibility for relevant keywords in table pages of search engines search engine optimization is a process of implementing a series of techniques on the website to make sure that the website appears in the top pains of Google and other search engines that are precisely what search engine optimization is all about

How SEO works?

how to do seo? How does SEO work?

let’s get into it search engines rank websites based on several factors in fact for Google itself Google takes into consideration over 200 factors what is the website to which industry it belongs to what is the niche of the website how the website looks like in terms of look and feel in terms of user experience in terms of the user interface in terms of the keywords in terms of the quality content in terms of the links these are some of the factors that Google takes into consideration when ranking a website but the most important part is that contains the keywords and the links these are extremely important as far as ranking of a website in search engines is concerned workers need to be optimized to meet such factors and what precisely

what we do in SEO is optimizing the website?

what we do in SEO is optimizing the website?

in terms of the content in terms of the URL in terms of the images in terms of the meta tags and terms of the links focus more on the content that satisfies and meet the user requirements content is everything the more the high-quality content that you have the better for the website and the better the ranking Google in the first place a lot of emphasis on content that is valuable beneficial for the users the more the unique content the better the more the original content to make sure that the content is of high quality besides in a nutshell rule the

what are these guidelines?

what are these guidelines?

how the good the website will apply to look like and what are the factors and that you need to take into consideration in optimizing the website what are the good and best practices that you need to implement on the website in terms of SEO and if you follow these guidelines provided by Google particularly. your website will look good the second the most important point is meeting beneficial content on the website for the users follow the guidelines provide beneficial content for the users provide solutions to the users provide services to the users and that benefit the users and as long as you have high-quality content on the website the traffic will come to your website and follow the guidelines of the website when these factors are met the website will run and do well follow these factors follow the guide and provide high-value content for the users the traffic will come to your website.

why SEO in the first place?

why SEO in the first place?

see the fundamental formula of online business’s website is equal to traffic is equal to lead leads is equal to customers and customers are equal to business when you have a website needs traffic website traffic looks like oxygen for the website if there is no ¬†traffic the website is as good as dead the more the traffic the better the most important factor unity

How you can drive traffic?

How you can drive traffic?

you can drive traffic. but optimizing the website by increasing the visibility of the website across search engines that is the most important fact and the fundamental formula remains the same website is equal to traffic is equal to needs basis equal. customers are equal to business the more the traffic the more the leads the more the customers imagine you have a people about a hundred people coming to your website a day not

100 will become leads at least 10% 10 will become leaders out of 10 dates not everybody becomes a customer then one customer that is one customer brings you the business the more the traffic the more the leads. the more the customers and the more the customer the more the business this is the fundamental formula of online business.when you have on your website so focus on driving traffic. how you can drive traffic only through search engine optimization when you have high-value content on your website images.

That you know the other way around to look at it is you may do a lot of content optimization you may do a lot of you know search engine optimization implement all the techniques in the search engine optimization.but the traffic is not coming traffic is not sticking to the side the reason is that you are not providing high-value content beneficial content just because you are doing SEO doesn’t mean everything and anything it will not drive traffic to you traffic will only come.

when there is the fine benefit on your website the content is what benefits the users and the content drives the traffic to your website or 80 percent of our traffic comes from search engine traffic. goes like the oxygen of course web sites need to be ranking high search engines and SEO helps in ranking SEO will help in ranking but the content is actually what drives

Marketing content

Marketing is a part of the SEO some of the techniques that are there are two types of techniques one is on-page optimization second is off-page optimization both are called as a white hat in a white hat we have two kinds of techniques on-page optimization and off-page optimization in a black hat we have got some other techniques to make sure never indulge in black hat SEO

off-page optimization

we have seen in this Blog is what is SEO how SEO works why SEO and types of SEO techniques thank you so much for Reading My blog hope to see you again

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

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