What is freelancing?

What is freelancing?

Selling your services to anyone is named as freelancing. There are different platforms on which we can work on freelancing. A few of them are Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, tweeter, TikTok, Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, guru and youtube. You can sell your services on the following platforms and you can earn money at home through them.
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How to Do FreeLawncing?And Earn Money Through Them.

Learning any skills and after becoming an expert in that field. When a man sells his services he earns money and this work is freelancing.
If I explain in simple words you learn any skill for example WordPress(web designing&development). After appropriate skill, you create a profile on Facebook, Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer e.t.c.Selling your services on these platforms.this work is called freelancing.

Five Best Platforms Through Which You Can Earn Money By Freelancing:

1:- Upwork

It is the Most Popular platform for freelancing. You can earn money by freelancing. It is tough to challenge to earn money through Upwork. But it is not so difficult that you can not earn money from it. For earning money through it you have to create an account on upwork.com You can also download the Upwork application from the play store. After creating the account you have to make a gig and select your skill. After you make a gig on Upwork. Your clients visit your gig, they send msg to you you have a deal with them. Complete the order and earn money from Upwork.

2:- Fivver

Fivver is a second great way to earn, money by freelancing. Work fivver is the same as the Upwork. It is easy to earn money on Fiverr then the Upwork. It is because of the low traffic on fivver than that of Upwork.What is freelancing?
For Creating Account on Fivver, You Have To vista fivver.com Or To Install Fivver Application Thought play store. After getting the Application You have to Create Your Account on it. It is Very easy To create an Account On fivver. After Creating Account Your Account. You create a Gig On Your Fivver Account. The Clients Visit Your Gig And They contact With YouAnd Give You Order. You have To complete There Order. You have completed there order You Received mONEY by your clients.

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3:- freelancer


Freelancer is the 3rd Biggest Platform To Earn Money online in the whole World first of All You have to vista Freelancer.com or To install Freelancer on play store. After getting the Application you have to create Account. after creating the Account You Have to Make gig. When you have to make your own jig, users vista your gig and contact you. The order you there. You can also bid on your customers. When you complete your customer order, you sand the customer. Demanded By You

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4:- guru

What is freelancing? guru Is the 4Th Greatest platform To Earn Money Online. Its process Is As The Upwork, Fivver& Freelancer You also Install The Application and Create Your Account On Guru.com. After Creating Your Account You Have To Make Your Gig. customers vista Your gig And place Order Or Contact You. You Complete There Order And Receive Money From Guru.com

5:- Facebook

Facebook Is Your Owner Business.  It Is the 5th Greatest platform For Online Earning. It is difficult To Eran Money From Facebook You Have To invest Money Facebook. first of all, You have created Ads For your Business. These ads are uploaded to the Facebook page rather than promoted to your page. The People See Your Ads and give you Order.

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