What Is Affiliate Marketing? Go Affiliate And Earn Money.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?  Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing in which you can earn money by broadcasting the product of any other company. And you can also add other company’s ads on your website page and when customers visit our website and buy any item after clicking on our ad, the company pays us the commission.

There is a wide range of scope in affiliate marketing. You can earn money even more than the government officers through affiliate marketing at home. It is a great opportunity for the young generation. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Process To Get Affiliate:

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Go Affiliate And Earn Money. There are so many ways of affiliate marketing. You can earn thousands of dollars through affiliate marketing. Following are the most used methods:
1:- Edward
2:- Social Media Promotion
3:- Guest Blogging
4:- Classified
5:- Youtube Channel

1:- Edward

As the name shows Award is an AD company that runs the ADs of various companies and people on different platforms. For example Youtube, websites and apps, etc.

How To Get Affiliate Through Edward?

First of all, You have to create Edward. Then you have to invest some money on it and then you have to make a commission on it. After this run it. After all of this Google, Edward runs it on different platforms and the people watch your Ad. If people like your product, they click on your product and buy it online. The company of which you have to add the Ads gives you the commission. By this method, you can earn money through Edward. What Is Affiliate Marketing?


2:- Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion means we can run our ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. Its method is the same as Edward. You have to get Ads from any company. Then you have to post Ad and boost it. The people click on your Ad and visit the company’s website. When they buy any product, the company gives you a commission.

3:- Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is different from Edward and Guest Blogging. It is necessary to have a website or a blog for guest blogging. You have to signup on Blogger.com and to make a blog. You have to write a blog about the product. Then you have to get traffic on your site.

You can get traffic from different platforms as follows:
1:- SEO
2:- Backlink
3:- Facebook
4:- Youtube

The next procedure is same as the Edward and Social Media Promotion.

4:- Classified Website

A classified website means you have to put the product’s link and paste in the comment box of a famous and growing website. The people will click on your Ad there. If they buy the product, the company will give you a commission. What Is Affiliate Marketing?

5:- Youtube Channel

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For affiliate marketing through youtube channel, you have to create a Gmail account. After making Gmail you should create a youtube channel on that specific Gmail account. After creating a Youtube channel, you have to upload videos on it daily. When your channel grows and you get very many views. When you get, so many views on your videos, you have two opportunities at this stage.

1:- Monetize Your Youtube Channel


If you complete the youtube demand of watch time and subscribers, you can monetize your channel. If you monetize your channel with the youtube partner program, you can earn money through youtube.

2:- Affiliate Marketing On The Youtube


The second way to earn money by youtube is affiliate marketing on youtube. In The affiliate marketing on youtube, you can make videos of different companies’ products. Means that add the link of the product’s add in the description. When your viewers click on Ad and buy the product, the company gives you the commission.

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