Top 4 Action Games For Android

Top 4 Action Games For Android


1_Assault and Metal Slug

Assault and Metal Slug, a bullet storm hell, sideways scrolling platform game very reminiscent of the 80s and 90s titles full bullet storm hell going destroy everything there is on screen with lots of big explosions, there are loads of levels
great guns and some fantastic bullet storm. Top 4 Action Games For Android.

action going on with this particular game.
Whilst the graphics may not be the most

2_Cutting edge

cutting edge you’ll find on Android the gameplay more than makes up for it and assault Metal Slug is well worth picking up. This is Epoch, a cover shooter. The idea is, grab cover, destroy all the robots, you are a robot yourself in Epoch you have special weapons, you have the ability
to slow downtime and the idea is clear each and every level and does it with the
biggest explosions you possibly can.  It uses the Unreal engine making this one of the most beautiful games on the mobile platforms you can ever play. Fast and furious graphics if you’ve got a mobile phone that can keep up and certainly works
nicely on the Tegra 3 optimized

3_ Guns For Hire.

A buddy game of sorts. You and your
small band of mercenaries must destroy everything on the level blowing up
everything you can possibly find. You collect cash for everything you destroy and at
the same time trying to achieve the objectives. The graphics are absolutely fantastic
as you can see it’s a top-down style game with plenty of things happening. You have to command your squad around these environments blowing up everything in your path. It’s a fantastic game although the in-app purchases, a little bit excessive. Gun Slugs is a 16-bit retro game very similar to Mario but with kind of 8-bit bullets thrown in, there’s a lot here that you’ll instantly kind of fall in love with if you ever played NES but done as a kind of Mario meets bullet storm style game. It’s absolutely fantastic and well worth picking up.

4_After Burner Crisis

Android action title, something a little bit different. And at Number 1 we have After Burner Crisis possibly the fastest flight game you will ever play on a mobile device and well-loved from the arcade and consoles. After Burner Crisis sets the bar very high for
high-speed action bullet storm hell and just some of the most beautiful graphics you will ever see on a mobile device. If you’ve not played it’s basically an arcade
shooter where you are an aircraft you have missiles you have guns and you have to get through wave after wave of enemies by beating the high scores.

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