The Future of Robotics

The Future of Robotics

in this article you’ll learn about robotics industrial robots military BOTS bottle cap even personal robots will look at drones self-driving and sell flying cars and you’ll see why robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world so let’s get started let’s talk about robotics robots are nothing new they’ve been. The Future of Robotics 

the stuff of science fiction for a well as long as you can remember right how about people row this can read to your child and lets you speak to your children either directly or through text messages, this is the pr2 robot it can open doors it can fold laundry it fetches beer it can play pool clean houses and then there’s bear

it can lift and carry an injured soldier off the battlefield here’s a robot that can kill ultraviolet rays hospitals use this to make sanitary environments in surgical operating rooms it’s 25,000 times brighter than a fluorescent light cuts Hospital infection rates 60% takes only five minutes to make a room clean here’s big dog carries 400 pounds of gears and weapons over a rugged terrain

cheetah can run 30 miles an hour take a look at this video of the sand flea it weighs 11 pounds but do you see it jump 30 feet high made by Boston diet dynamics [Applause] Rhys can climb walls arrow D’Arcy can find disaster victims this is a photo by the way from a 2-day disaster response competition in California it was hosted by DARPA that’s the Defense Department’s research program among other things in robotics and then there are telepresence robots.

The Future of Robotics


these robots let doctors appear at patients bedsides and lets them diagnose patients without them having to be in the room in fact they didn’t have to be on the same continent we know we have a really big problem with not enough doctors on a global basis well if we can’t train enough doctors then why don’t we just transport them why don’t we just take the telepresence robot put it into Africa South America the Far East we’re in rural areas and even the United States was there not enough doctors for the population and now doctors in Boston Chicago

LA New York, They can serve patients thousands of miles away. In 150 hospitals, TugWorks has found the Da Vinci robot to provide food, medicine, and laundry psychiatric surgery. It is a surgical robot that uses robotic weapons and has a high success rate. Is successful. With this robot performing half a million operations once a year and 80% fewer complications, the surgeons are in another room guiding the robot, of course,

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just for fun so that To show that the boot can take a look. This one

You might want to think twice about the next time you want to stay in a hotel in Japan. The androids work as a receptionist, the cleaning staff and the cloakroom attendant speak Japanese, Chinese, French, and English. Oh, well, let me ask you. how much it costs to stay in this hotel every night. 60 You might have been thinking hundreds of thousands of dollars. One night you will find out why staying in Hanna’s hotel is so cheap because the staff is all robots that they don’t.


You know there’s a joke that there’s a boy and what you can’t see is a dog even though there are only two living things in this factory because there are a man and a dog.there to raise a good man-dog And the dog is there to make sure. that the man will not touch anything. I know this is a bad joke. Eighty percent of all the work involved in making a car is done by the same machine. Now automotive. Eighty percent of automated manufacturing, Amazon now has 10,000 MacBooks that aren’t making it. The robots are using them as robot users. The robots go to the warehouses and they bring the goods that have to go onboard because

As long as you’ve tidied up the industrial robot market, of which robots don’t get sick in 2018,

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Don’t make mistakes, never look drunk or cranky,


current robot jobs work 24/7. The best uses are those for which they are slow repetitive requiring unskilled labor or involving labor that is dangerous due to the robot, and those. who dig the well further will not perform dangerously dangerous work. What a person wants can be done by a robot, which means that more confectioneries do not mean that more skilled craftsmen take a look at Sam.This is an automated mason in which you can make Sam more than a day. Can produce more than 1,200 which is the productivity of four Stone specialists have very fast productivity but you’ve got one

The cost of many industrial robots at the risk of losing their jobs is falling sharply ten years ago. Today, in five years to 2025, it is less than twenty-five percent cheaper. Everyone will have a robot that you call it. Fellow and I will let you decide. what would have been the number one use of this home-based robot for loneliness would have disappeared today Leonardo take a look at a very interesting robot under development. I would call the most sophisticated social robot in today’s world.

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what we call it


Isn’t it amazing to have never seen it before? I don’t know what it is. And then they start adopting that this is not a cookie monster. Your cookie monster is so bad that Leo is so bad. Leo is a scary monster who wants to eat all your cookies so that the blue monster mat doesn’t clean at all.

Read your child’s emotions and facial expressions and respond appropriately to the little girl who doesn’t grow up with Barbie. Hi everyone do you know about Barbie?


artificial intelligence talks in natural language to have conversations with your daughter.

what happens when people begin to prefer robots


Glad to see you and live with you when people prefer robotic communications over human connections and then fly drones.

Now you can get them in the drone market for around 500 500 for up to سو 2089 billion. There is already an amazing thing happening with drones that take a look at medical volunteer corps in remote areas. It is an organization that serves 3,000 patients but only one weekend.

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